• We will accept payment either by credit card or by wire transfer;
  • Tickets can be collected on site at the Allianz Cloud - ex Palalido or received by email;
  • You will be able to collect the tickets at the venue from the day of the first session purchased on presentaton of the confirmation email, your ID/Passport and a copy of it;
  • We will allow for someone else to collect the tickets instead of you on presentation of a letter of authorisation completed by yourself, a copy of this email, a copy of your ID/Passport, their ID/Passport and a copy of it.

Due to the Covid-19 emergency and the uncertainty related to the health situation in the coming months, the sale of tickets and season tickets for the Intesa Sanpaolo Next Gen ATP Finals 2021 will take place as follows:

  • In a first phase, tickets will be put on sale anda send to user with numbered seats for each BUT the numbering assigned will NOT be valid in case of capacity limitations or seat spacing obligation.
  • In a second phase, if access to the venue, for a specific session and/or a specific sector, will be restricted to a certain percentage of public than the admission tickets sold, users will receive a PDF file with a new valid seat number. Seats will be allocated, for each session and within each sector, following the order of purchase. 
    The extra of unconfirmed seats will be cancelled, according to the order in which they were purchased (starting from the last one), and will be reimbursed in accordance with the applicable regulations. All relevant information will be published on the website.
    On the other hand, if access to the venue will be allowed without restrictions, the numbering on the ticket will be valid.
  • Tickets and season tickets purchased with “pick-up at the venue” can be collected from the day of the first session purchased.

Green pass

Access is permitted only to holders of a GREEN PASS (Covid-19 digital green certificate). Those who are not in possession of the GREEN PASS will not be allowed access to the facility, even if they have purchased a ticket, which, in this case, cannot be refunded.