Discounts for children: Children up to one year old can enter without a ticket. No other concessions or discounts are provided.

Tickets are not nominative: the name of the buyer is indicated on the tickets, but the tickets are not nominative. However, due to the pandemic, special procedures may apply in case tracking of attendees becomes necessary. At the moment we have no information on this, any updates will be posted later on the official website.

Availability: availability is as displayed on the website, we do not know if and when there will be changes.

Timing of receiving tickets after payment: as indicated in the booking email, you will receive a confirmation from us as soon as the transfer is shown on our bank statement (about 5 working days). Please note that the deadline refers to the possibility of making the payment.

Problems with online payment by credit card/payment failed: we remind you that the site accepts VISA/MASTERCARD cards and that you should use Google Chrome as your browser. In view of the new regulations governing online payments, which require you to enter your security code when making a payment, please note that you either have or have activated the SMS/email authorisation service. Your device may be blocking the opening of pop-ups. It is usually indicated in some way in the top navigation bar that the page is attempting to open a pop-up and asks for authorisation.

Methods of payment: payment can be made by credit card directly on the site (American Express cards are not accepted) or by bank transfer.

Receiving tickets: the tickets will be sent to the email address used during registration on the site.

Due to the Covid-19 emergency and the uncertainty related to the health situation in the coming months, the sale of tickets and season tickets for the Intesa Sanpaolo Next Gen ATP Finals 2022 will take place as follows:

If the access to the venue, for a given session and/or specific sector of the venue, is allowed to a lesser extent than the tickets sold, the surplus of the latter shall be cancelled, in each sector, according to the time order of purchase (starting from the last one) and shall be subject to refreshment in the forms permitted by regulations in force.

The above is subject to governmental determinations which can be made close to the start of the event, even the day before.